1. A passport-size photograph;
  2. The passport has expired or is about to expire;
  3. Identity Card;
  4. If the applicant is not in possession of his identity card, we will check the identity and nationality that is found in the database of the National Registry of Persons; if the person cannot be found in the Registry, we will send a search request to the Directorate General of Consular Affairs. We will have to wait until we get a response in order to proceed. If the applicant is a female and would like to be included with her married name (as a third name), she must bring the Marriage Certificate to prove the legality of the marriage. If you were never in possession of an identity card, you must show a valid photo ID (driver's license, social security card).
  5. You should provide a stamped addressed envelope for the return of documents.
  6. Photocopy of proof of payment.
  7. You should send a scanned copy of these documents, one week prior to the visit.
  8. This procedure must be done in person at the Consular Section office in Berlin, Germany.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements and you have received a positive response from the General Directorate of Consular Affairs, only then should you make the payment.

In case of loss of passport, you must also bring the police report.

Valid Identity card: A valid identity card is one that has been issued after the National Identification Process 1996. The identity card is a mandatory personal identification document so that citizens can perform any administrative act, in addition to obtaining other accompanying documents.

Article 40 of the Constitution of the Republic establishes one of the duties of the citizen to "Obtain his identity card".

Note: There will be no changes to old passports or renewal applications; a new one will be issued. The duration of the procedure is from 8 to 10 weeks. The passport can be collected by the applicant or by an authorized person.

* We are not responsible for lost post.


  1. Passport photograph
  2. Original Birth Certificate.
  3. Both parents must come and present their identification documents. (Identity card, passport, etc.)
  4. Photocopy of proof of payment.
  5. This procedure must be done in person at the office of the Consular Section in Berlin, Germany.

In the case that the parents are not present, the applicants must have an official Authorization from their parents (done by a notary) and file a copy of the parent's passports. In the event that one of the parents has died, the applicant must submit an original copy of the death certificate issued by the appropriate authority.


  1. Personal documents: Identity card, birth certificate or expired passport; (an official document with photo ID must be presented)
  2. Two passport size photos.
  3. Copy of flight itinerary or copy of air ticket;
  4. Photocopy of payment receipt.
  5. This process should be done in person at the office of the Consular Section in Berlin, Germany.

The letter of safe-passage: is the travel document that extends only to Honduran people living abroad without their passport and is only valid to return to Honduras. It looses its validity upon arrival in Honduras and is only extended under special circumstances.

Exception: according to the legal regulation 26/90, naturalised Hondurans require previous authorization from the General Direction of Consular issues of the Secretary of External Relations of Honduras.